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[Technical Exchange] Operational Safety Notices for Assemble
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 1. The heat conducting oil heating system should be inspected and tested before the storage tank is used.          
 1.1. Inspection: air pressure 0.8 MPa and hold pressure for more than 2 hours, if there is pressure drop, it needs to deal with the leakage point and check again until it can hold pressure to the prescribed time;         
 1.2. Trial operation: The heat conducting oil is cooled for 1 hour first, checking the inside and outside system of the tank, confirming that there is no leakage and abnormal situation, the oil temperature is slowly heated up to 240 C, and the circulation is not less than 4 hours (if the heat conducting oil is used for the first time, it needs to be dewatered in advance according to the heat conducting oil dewatering procedure), stopping heating (stopping). When heating, the heat conducting oil pump can be stopped until the temperature of the heat conducting oil drops below 100 C. When the temperature of the tank drops below 40 C, the professional inspectors will enter the tank to check whether the system is leaking or abnormal. If there is a leakage point, it must be handled properly, and then run again for inspection until it is confirmed that there is no more leakage point before it can be put into use.          
2. Water injection test should be done before the storage tank is filled with asphalt. When asphalt is injected, it should be injected three times, each injection should not exceed one third of the total volume, and the time interval should not be less than 12 hours. The tank and foundation settlement should be observed at any time, such as excessive settlement of more than 50 mm, or uneven settlement, or abnormal conditions of storage tanks and equipment pipelines. Only after proper treatment can the tank and equipment be properly treated. Continue to pour water. So three times, until the settlement stops and all the abnormal conditions are well handled, the storage tank can not be put into use formally.            3. The import and export valves of heating exhaust pipes must be used correctly during the use of storage tanks. Export valves are strictly prohibited from being closed. The heating operation regulation (closing or throttling) of each row of pipes only allows the operation of imported valves, otherwise the heating system may be damaged.           
4. Before injecting asphalt, the heating system of the asphalt pump (input pump) and the asphalt pipeline of the input path must be heated slowly. Before starting the asphalt pump, it is necessary to confirm that the asphalt pump can be operated flexibly by hand before starting the operation, otherwise it may cause damage to equipment and pipelines.           
5. When the temperature of base asphalt in storage tank is lower than 110 C or the temperature of modified asphalt is lower than 150 C, pumping operation and agitator mixing operation shall not be carried out in order to avoid damage to equipment and pipelines. For tanks with built-in high temperature tanks, if the temperature of base asphalt in the preheating zone (outside the high temperature tank) is below 70 C, the operation of pumping asphalt should not be carried out, otherwise the high temperature tank and its heating pipes will be damaged.           
6. When the storage tank is used again for more than one year or more, the heating system should be tested under the condition of empty tank (air pressure 0.8 MPa and holding pressure for more than two hours, heat conducting oil cooling and heating cycle, see 1 item for details). If the leakage occurs, it should be repaired intact.           
7. Open fire operation of tanks and pipes is strictly prohibited without reliable safety measures.           
8. No non-operating or maintenance workers are allowed to climb up the tank roof at will.           
9. In areas where lightning is likely to occur, the users should take lightning protection and static electricity grounding treatment for the asphalt storage tanks before they are used.      10. After the installation of asphalt storage tanks, fire prevention measures should be taken in accordance with the requirements of fire protection regulations.           
11. The highest liquid level of asphalt shall not exceed 35 cm from the upper edge of tank wall.

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Address:77th,Hongxiang RD,Taikeyuan,Hongshan town,New district,Wuxi-214000,P.R.China

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